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Classic Picnic Food

Summer is here and with it thoughts of warm sunny weather, walks along the beach and family trips to the park come to mind.

But what do you eat whilst you are out and about?

How about a picnic! Not only are they a classic way to eat food outdoors but they can be fun, exciting and easy to adapt to all diets including vegan.

But what makes a picnic such a great outdoor activity is the ease in which you can set up and clear away and all without taking too much with you, setting up a picnic is much easier than a BBQ!

Picnic food by definition is small, bite sized and usually cooled or chilled making sure you don’t need to take a small kitchen set up with you when you travel.

All you need is a large cooler bag or picnic hamper if you are feeling a little nostalgic and you are good to go. Most hampers and bags will have space for drinks too, saving you a little less to carry separately.

You don’t have to be fancy with your food either, there are plenty of simple classic picnic foods available for you to buy or make that are just as delicious.

Which is why we have come up with a list of 5 classic picnic food ideas you should always consider when planning your picnic.

Classic Picnic Food #1: Potato Salad

A fantastic side, that can be simply made with just new potatoes, mayonnaise, chives and a splash of lemon juice. Easy to make and store, you can also add other ingredients if you’d like, including spring onions, egg and even bacon.

Classic Picnic Food Potato Salad

There are also some great shop bought versions of this too if you don’t want to make it yourself.


Classic Picnic Food #2: Scones

A British classic, the scone is the perfect addition to your picnic. And is surprisingly easy to make and adapt. Add dried fruit or cherries for a delicious sweet treat or add cheese for something a little more savoury.

Classic Picnic Food Scones

Scones can also be made plain depending on your tastes and dietary needs.


Classic Picnic Food #3: Scotch Eggs

The perfect balance of egg, sausage meat and breadcrumbs, the scotch egg has long been a picnic favourite.

Classic Picnic Food Scotch Eggs

Easily made in to mini versions by using scrambled egg rather than a whole one and can be made with falafel instead of sausage meat for a vegetarian alternative.


Classic Picnic Food #4: Sandwiches

No, not the most exciting of picnic foods but they are a classic. Easy to make and with a wide variety of fillings it’s easy to see why. If you want to be a bit more adventurous try baking your own bread or use bagels instead.

Classic Picnic Food Sandwiches

Fill them with both meat and meat free alternatives and you have an easy classic picnic food ready in minutes.


Classic Picnic Food #5: Sausage rolls

A picnic staple, the sausage roll is a classic ready to eat finger food. It can be made and cooked in advance. It can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days. Sausage rolls can also be cut or made in to small bite size pieces.

Classic Picnic Food Sausage Rolls

For a vegetarian alternative simply replace the sausage meat filling with a cheese and onion filling instead.

There you have our 5 classic picnic food ideas, we hope you enjoy both them and your picnic!

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